412 - 05/05 - Panama Canal Tolls - Panama

The Club would like to bring to the attention of Members an advisory issued by the Panama Canal Authority on the new tolling system (effective May 1, 2005), where toll calculations are based on the actual number and size of containers carried on board (applicable to vessels with on-deck container carrying capacity other than full container vessels).

The Authority states that it is critical the information provided to the ACP regarding the actual number and size of containers carried on board is correct for the application of toll charges to such vessels. As part of routine inspections, ACP boarding officers will review the information provided by the vessel and, if discrepancies concerning the number and/or size of containers on board are detected, a further detailed inspection may be conducted to thoroughly verify the information. Such discrepancies could result in one or more of the following:

·  Delay of transit;

·  A charge to the vessel for the detailed inspection; and

·  Assessment of applicable sanctions for violations to provisions of the ACP Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal Waters.

Vessels must have their General Arrangement Plans and Cargo Securing Manuals available upon arrival to be presented to Canal Authority boarding officers. Electronic copies may be submitted in advance of arrival. The charge for the detailed inspection and/or sanctions will only be applied if discrepancies between the information provided by the vessel regarding the number and size of containers and that resulting from the detailed inspection are confirmed.

Members can view the Panama Canal Authority advisory 11-2005 via the following link.   



Source of information:  

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP)


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