466 - 05/06 - Panama Canal Charges - Panama

Members are referred to the Loss Prevention News published in July 2005 concerning Panama Canal pre-arrival notices, and, in particular, charges for non-compliance (please see below). Further to this the Club has been informed that the Panama Canal Authority (APC) appear to be applying fines in other circumstances, an example of one such circumstance appears below.

Recently, a ship transiting the Canal found a stowaway on board and was charged a total of US $20,000 by way of a Canal Protection Inspection and Escort Tariff. This was broken down as US$8,000 for charges associated with the boarding of the ship by a Canal Protection Officer and US $12,000 to inspect the ship.

By way of a reminder to Members, the earlier notice informed that, the Canal Protection Inspection and Escort Tariff would be applied in the following circumstances:

·  non-compliance with the 96-hour regulation, under the terms of which ships must submit a pre-arrival notice within 96 hours of arrival

·  wrong or missing information in the pre-arrival notice, crew list or passenger list

·  breach of APC requirements including non-compliance with APC security and protection regulations. See www.pancanal.com for full details, particularly shipping advisory A-17-2005.

As a precaution, Members should exercise great care in ensuring that stowaways are not onboard ships when they transit the Canal and should consider conducting searches prior to departing from previous ports so that any stowaways can be landed prior to transit.


Source of information:

Andre Perret

C. Fernie & Co. S.A.


Through Patrick Bush, Thomas Miller (Americas) Inc.

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