572 - 3/08 - Vaccinations - Lázaro Cardenas (Mexico)

Date: 20/03/2008

The Club’s local correspondent in Mexico has confirmed that proof of in-date vaccinations is required for all crew on board ships visiting Lázaro Cardenas. 

According to the harbour master at the port, effective from 3 March 2008 the Sanitary Authority require the vaccine record book of every crewmember to show the date the individual received vaccination against Cholera and Yellow Fever.

Crewmembers not able to prove the date of their vaccinations will require a new vaccination, if available, when the ship berths. If vaccinations are not readily available then the ship will have to wait until the risk of yellow fever is deemed to be acceptable.

In order to avoid delays, ships currently en-route to Lázaro Cardenas, with any number of crewmembers on board not vaccinated against cholera or yellow fever, should notify their agent to make arrangements for vaccinations upon the ship’s arrival.

Source of information: 

Pandi Nave Mexico City

Tel: +5255.26159750

Email: roberto@pandinave.com

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