845 - 09/12 - Increased Fishery Farm Claims - Korea

In follow up to last week’s bulletin the Club can further elaborate drawing on its own exposure to claims concerning these large sub-aquatic fish farm structures.

Earlier in the year the Club was exposed to a claim when an entered vessel ran through one of these fish farm installations. As can be seen from the diagram below the structure can stretch over half a kilometre wide and can reach up to 35m from the seabed.

The claim against the Club rose to in excess of $350,000 due to damage to the structure itself and a loss of earnings while the structure was repaired.

These fish farm installations can be poorly marked often by buoys with no lights. They have no radar signature or AIS markers. More often than not they are not charted individually. Members are advised to pay particular attention to notices, especially local notices which will promulgate the position of future fishing grounds.

Source of Information: 
Loss Prevention dept.
UK P&I Club

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