912 - 09/13 - Asian Gypsy Moth Update - Worldwide

The US Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have issued a joint bulletin regarding Asian Gypsy Moths.

The bulletin reports that Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) populations in Russia, Japan, Korea and northern China remain high this year and that numerous ships are arriving in the USA and Canada with evidence of egg masses which in turn has led to delayed entry into port for these vessels.

Members are advised to follow the below recommendations in order to avoid potential delays to port entry in the USA and Canada:

  • Acquire AGM Certification
  • Depart from regulated ports as soon as possible following the issuance of AGM certification
  •  Conduct delf-checking while en route to North America to remove and destroy all egg masses detected.

Previous Bulletins (839, 836, 822, 743 & 698) provide further information on Asian Gypsy Moth issues.


Source of information: 

Loss Prevention Department




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