962 - 04/14 - Oil Spill in Richards Bay - South Africa

We have been advised that on the 7th April 2014, an oil pipeline which supplies bunker fuel leaked fuel oil into the port of Richards Bay.

There are a number of ships inside the port loading which may be stained or become stained with oil on their hulls and that oil will need to be cleaned off the hulls prior to the vessels departure in order to avoid fines en route or at discharge ports.

The Club’s Local Correspondents are endeavoring to ascertain the exact extent of the oil spill, the quantity of oil spilt into the bay and the plan to clean up the spill.

There are pollution companies on hand and the first priority must be to clean the bay so as to control the extent of the spill.

If Members have any queries or concerns, they are advised to contact the Local Correspondent.


Source of information

P&I Associates (Pty) Ltd

UK P&I Club Correspondent - South Africa 



UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept


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