973 - 06/14 - Disposal of Garbage - Singapore

Club Risk Assessors have noted some vessels which, after long voyages, have either no explanation of what they have done with their garbage over the last 3 months or with their stores filled with decomposing garbage.


As part of the clubs proactive approach to risk management, Risk Assessors from the club regularly visit vessels entered in the club in different parts of the world. Apart from the knowledge exchange, the ship visits also allow the club to understand the concerns of the crew sailing onboard the vessels.


One of the issues noted by the Club has been the effect of the changes to MARPOL Annex V regulations on garbage disposal on ship operations. These changes place the need on ship staff to make more regular disposal of garbage to shore facilities, to avoid accumulation onboard.


It was noted in Singapore, that masters often were not aware of the disposal process or were reluctant to land garbage, as they were under the impression that no receipt would be provided by the garbage boat.


The MPA Singapore has recently launched a system by which vessel masters or ship agents can arrange free disposal of limited garbage, or pay for greater quantity of disposal by making an online registration in the local ‘Portnet’ system. Details of the system can be found in the recent MPA port notice:




It is also possible to obtain electronic receipts of all garbage landed. Details can be found on an earlier MPA notice at:




It is hoped that sharing of this information will help ship staff cope better with the strict MARPOL requirements in force. For more details on the clubs ship inspection program please visit the club website at:



Source of information

Anuj Velankar

UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept


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