980 - 07/14 - Ukrainian Situation Update - Ukraine

Following the ongoing situation in Ukraine and Crimea, Members are advised to be aware of the potential risks in calling at ports in Ukraine after calling at ports in Crimea

The Club’s local correspondents have advised that whilst there is no official ruling banning or restricting ships that have called in Crimea prior to Ukraine, it is likely that such vessels may encounter difficulties in clearing formalities and may be subject to fines.

The Ukrainian government has passed a law which requires special entry procedures for persons entering or departing the Ukraine to or from Crimea, both for Nationals and for foreign citizens.

The Club is also aware of a law passed by the government in Ukraine purporting to close ports in Crimea.  Given that operational control of Crimea has passed to Russia it is unclear what this measure will mean in practice.  As additional information is obtained the Club will publish further advice.

Members are advised to contact the Club or the local correspondent in Ukraine for further advice.


Source of information


Dias Marine Consulting p.c.

UK P&I Club Correspondent - Odessa, Ukraine


 UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept


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