982 - 07/14 - Fraudulent Disposal of Sludge Invoices - Italy

The Club has recently been made aware of the receipt of fraudulent invoices for the disposal of sludge in Italy.

The vessel had disposed of sludge in Gioia Tauo but an invoice later received by the office had a forged ships stamp and forged Master’s signature.

The Port of Fujairah has also recently raised the issue fraudulent invoices in its marine notice 182. The fraudulent invoice reported above in Italy appeared to originate from one of the companies listed in this notice.


Members are also reminded of Bulletin 967 which deals with similar fake agency invoices


Members who receive similar invoices should be wary of the possibility of a scam and take steps to verify the invoices.


Source of information

UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept

Anuj Velankur



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