991 - 08/14 - California Air Regulations - California

The California Air Resources Board has issued an advisory (Marine Notice 2014-1). which provides guidance that will allow vessels to comply with the California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation when they are complying with the North American Emission Control Area, using alternative emission control technologies or non-distillate low sulphur (≤ 0.1% S) marine fuels.

The advisory also provides information on a sunset review process that ARB staff will undertake as allowed by the regulation. Marine Notice 2014-1 is available here: http://www.arb.ca.gov/ports/marinevess/documents/marinenote2014_1.pdf

All marine notices, advisories and alerts for the California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation can be found at the following: http://www.arb.ca.gov/ports/marinevess/ogv/ogvadvisories.htm

The California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation provides significant air quality benefits by requiring vessels to use cleaner, low sulphur distillate fuel when visiting California ports.


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