997 - 09/14 - Port Thefts - Antwerp

Signum Services have recently undertaken an investigation into a theft from a vessel docked at the port of Antwerp.

The vessel in question was at Berth number 345 operated by the ABES terminal. We would advise any member with a vessel calling at this location to exercise great caution as there is little in the way of security. During daytime hours there is nothing to prevent the general public gaining unfettered access to the quayside.

Thefts from ships at this dock are known to be occurring on a regular basis and the local police are aware of organised criminal gangs operating in the area. It is believed that these gangs are in possession of sets of master keys which allow access to various cabins and offices on ships. There have recently been cases where large sums of cash have been stolen from the Captains safe and other items stolen from cabins.

We advise that any ships calling at this location maintain strict gangway watch procedures and maintain a high level of alertness concerning anyone seen aboard.

Source of Information

David Thompson
Signum Services


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