Brazil: visit to Transpetro

Brazil: visit to Transpetro

These photos were taken during the visit to Petrobras/Transpetro’s head office in Rio de Janeiro on 8th October 2014 by Hugo Wynn Williams (Chairman and CEO of Thomas Miller P&I) and Mike Jarrett (Thomas Miller Regional Director for the Americas). Transpetro is the tanker affiliate of the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, who have been Members of the UK P&I Club since 1952. The visit coincided with the opening of the Transpetro Maritime Academy’s ship navigation training simulator, and also the recent opening of the innovative Transpetro Ship Navigation monitoring Centre. The Transpetro shipping director (pictured 2nd from the right), Capt Nilson Ferreira Nunes Filho, is standing for election to the UK P&I Board in Tokyo on 26th October 2014.

From right to left:
Hugo Wynn Williams
Capt Nilson Ferreira Nunes Filho: Shipping Director/Transpetro
Mike Jarrett
Capt Jones Alexandre Barros Soares: Executive Manager/Transpetro

Admiral Marcio Fereira de Mello: Adviser to the CEO/Transpetro
Photo taken in the office of Capt Nunes, who is standing for election to the Board of the UK P&I Club, on the occasion of the visit to Transpetro by Hugo & Mike on 8th October 2014

From left to right: Sr Rodrigo: Coordinator, ship navigation control centre/Transpetro
Sr Carlos Augusto de Andrade Cabral: Representaçoes Proinde (Correspondent). Capt José William Mendes Andrade: Fleet Operations General Manager/Transpetro. Admiral Marcio Ferreira De Mello: adviser to CEO/Transpetro. Capt Jones Alexandre Barros Soares: Executive Manager/Transpetro. Hugo Wynn Williams. Mike Jarrett. Third Engineer Rye Takeda: Risk Department/Transpetro.
Sr Luiz Cabral: Risk Manager/Transpetro.
Captain Rahman Beduin: adviser to the President/Transpetro.

Photo taken in the ship navigation control centre located in Transpetro’s office.

From left to right:
Chief Engineer Giuseppe Oliveira: Transpetro
Capt Jones Alexandre Barros Soares: Executive Manager/Transpetro
Admiral Marcio Ferreira De Mello: adviser to CEO/Transpetro
Nestor Brandão: Academy Coordinator/Transpetro
Capt. Raildo Viana: Transpetro
Hugo Wynn Williams
Mike Jarrett
Luiz Cabral: Risk Manager/Transpetro
Elmo Moreira: Academy Manager/Transpetro
Carlos Augusto: Representaçoes Proinde (Correspondent)
Photo taken in the simulator training room of the Maritime Academy at Transpetro

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