Club Correspondents Requested to Use Feesable


To the Club's Correspondents



The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information about an important initiative we are supporting which aims to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the process of submitting invoices to us.

As you may be aware the UK P&I Club has taken an active role in the development of a new system for the submission of correspondent invoices. The system, known as ‘Feesable’, has been developed by Members of the International Group. Feesable has two elements: first a common structure for the content and format of invoices/fees; and secondly an electronic delivery mechanism.

Common Format

The International Group have developed an offline tool which can be used to generate invoices. This tool which is based on an Excel macro, contains predetermined information fields which require fee information to be entered. Some of the fields i.e. those which contain key information, are mandatory; others are prompts for additional information.

The offline tool has been designed to include drop-down lists and a memory function which will assist the correspondent by reducing the amount of re-keying of information.

Electronic Delivery

Feesable enables invoices to be sent using the internet. This is a very simple process which requires the issuer of the invoice to send fees by logging on to the internet and entering a pre-assigned password, which is issued at the time of registration.

The electronic delivery system has advantages over the existing paper based system because of the speed and greater certainty of delivery, both problems with a paper based system.

Feesable is free to our global network of correspondents. All that is required to use it is a PC containing Excel 97 or above and an internet connection. To access Feesable correspondents must register via the Feesable website, which can be found at

Each correspondent only has to register once. Details of the registration process can be found on the Feesable website.

UK P&I Club – Implementation of Feesable

After successful pilot testing we are now ready to receive UK P&I Club invoices from any correspondent using Feesable. We have decided to ask all our correspondents to submit their fees electronically using Feesable from 1 October 2004. We are however able to receive fee notes in the electronic format now if you wish to start using the new system immediately.

As a valued correspondent we request your assistance and cooperation in meeting this deadline.

The other International Group Clubs are also promoting Feesable, although each Club will have its own preferred timetable for implementation. You should contact the other Clubs that you represent to obtain up to date information regarding the status of implementation. Also, the status of each Club’s progress towards implementation can be found on the Feesable website mentioned above.

If you have not already done so we suggest that you visit the Feesable website and register for the service as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the UK Club’s timetable for implementation then please contact me, alternatively if you have any questions regarding the operation of Feesable please contact my colleague Steve Lambert or alternatively Angela Gamblin. Both Angela and Steve have taken a role in the development and design of Feesable.

Yours sincerely


Correspondent Manager

for Thomas Miller P&I Ltd.

as agents for Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Ltd.



Charles Elmer

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