Damaged wet bulk terminals in Japan - details as at 6th April

The ports of Chiba, Kashima, Onahama and Sendai have reported damage and interruption to a number of their terminals.  Individual details on terminal damage and/or interruption as at 6th April 2011 are set out below.

CHIBA Port status: Working normally except for Cosmo Oil
Cosmo Oil - Refining under suspension   
No.2 BerthClosed68,626 Jet
No.10 BerthOpen96,550 Naphtha, Gasoil, Jet
No.14-A PierOpen7,564 Chemical
Sea BerthOpen100,000 Naphtha
KASHIMA Port status: Open - entry subject to harbourmaster's permission
Kashima Denkai - Plant under suspension / Unknown when to resume
Denkai BerthOpenOpen for general cargo only / Naphtha facilities have not been confirmed usable (no major damage reported)130,000 Naphtha,Salt
Kashima LPG Joint Stockpiling
Kyobi PierOpen 66,769  LPG
Kashima Oil: Cargo ops resumed by coasters, resume refining around this summer
COP No.1ClosedLoading arm broken / Unable to use314,026  Crude, Naphtha
COP No.2ClosedUnder inspection / No major damage reported101,723 Crude, FO, Gasoil, LPG
COP No.3ClosedUnder inspection / No major damage reported88,000 Naphtha, FO
Mitsubishi Chem: Plant in suspension for several months before resume operations
B-8ClosedDamaged / Unable to use15,000  Chemical
Shin-Etsu Chem - Shore facilities under restoration
No.2ClosedDamaged / Under inspection45,991  Chemical
ONAHAMA Port status: Open in limited area 
Onahama Petroleum - Coaster berths partly operating
Sea BerthClosedUnder inspection / No major damage reported100,000  Crude/FO
SENDAI Port status: Open in limited area 
JXNOE: Cargo ops to resume this summer, refining expected resume summer 2012
No.1 PierClosed 314,250  Crude, Product, LPG

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