Growing support & momentum behind Group efforts on ‘garnishment’

Since the Club published the Group paper on ‘garnishment’ together with other items in its Philippine crew claims – Garnishment section of the website, there has been further support and momentum to its position on this issue.

Press interest

Maritime press coverage included these articles from Tradewinds and BIMCO news among others.

Shipowner associations

Significantly, various shipowner representative bodies have also showed interest and support. The Group’s position paper is on the agenda of the insurance subcommittee of the Asian Shipowners Forum (ASF), who meet on 24th March.  The Group has also written to the Union of Greek Shipowners; Greek Shipowners Co-operation Council and Norwegian Shipowners Association to seek their Members' support for the concerns raised.

Local political support

Representatives from the International Group’s Personal Injury Sub-Committee - Philippine Working Group, including our Tony Nicholson, are preparing a further trip to Manila in May 2014.  This will be their third visit in 18 months to follow-up and garner support from the various local stakeholders.  In particular, the Group and representatives of IMEC, the employers representative body, hope to co-ordinate with local Congressman Manalo and his initiative to pass the Anti-Ambulance Chasing Bill (House Bill No. 2643 attached above) through the Philippine Congress.

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