International Group guidelines on VRPs

International Group guidelines on VRPs

Vessel response plans in respect of potential pollution and the contracting of oil spill response organisations are now required in many jurisdictions.

The announcement earlier this week the waiver on compliance with vessel response planning requirements of the Oil Pollution Act 1990 in Alaskan waters was terminated, highlighted the need to check OSRO contracts for compliance with International Group guidelines.

The latest development in Alaska is described in detail in the Circular 7/12 which explains the requirements for compliance, certification and the new vessel response planning criteria.

In that circular the Club refers to the established International Group guidelines which were made available to Members in its circular 6/09.

The guidelines are in fact two series of guidance notes, one relating to vessel response plans within the United States and the other for response plans outside the US.  These are annex one and annex two of the circular respectively.

Guidance on the different vessel response plan requirements within the United States can also be found in the Club’s advisory “US Pollution Risks: Federal & State Pollution Laws Summaries” which is in the Publications section of the website.

Members who have any questions regarding these issues should contact Dr Chao Wu ( in the Club managers London office.

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