LP News March 2006

The Club, with the support of several Members, has launched Book it right and pack it tight – a set of four guidebooks on the workings of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. They are designed to provide busy operational people, who are not experts in the IMDG Code, with a quick reference and practical everyday guidance to the IMDG Code rules.

Uniquely, each of the four guidebooks is dedicated to the requirements of one of the principal parties involved in consigning packaged dangerous goods:

  • The shipper
  • The shipping line booking agency
  • The cargo consolidating companies (managers and supervisors)
  • The fork lift operators and cargo handlers – those that actually physically pack the containers.

Each of the parties above has key duties under the IMDG Code, and failure to carry out those duties may lead to undeclared dangerous goods being loaded in a ship, an unsafe container load, or unsafe stowage, all of which lead to an unnecessary increase in the risk of carrying dangerous goods by sea.

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