Pro-Active Risk Management

Pro-Active Risk Management

Since 1987, the Club has focused heavily on using its experience of handling shipping liability claims to raise awareness of what goes wrong and to get that information to those at the sharp end. Much of this has been done in the form of contemperaneous advice on current claims trends.

Using this experience in a more pro active way the Club has now modified its ship visit system  to concentrate more on claims reduction rather than rule compliance as covered by many other inspection regimes.

By using  the formula  RISK = FREQUENCY x CONSEQUENCE  and analysing 20 years of claims, the Club has identified the hazards, threats, consequences and  the controlling factors that would have prevented or lessened the effects of a claim.  

Drawing on the experience of its claims executives and indepth claims analysis, the Club has defined 76 of these major threat areas which cause liability claims, and some 450 controls which may be able to help reduce the likelihood of those threats causing an incident.

We have worked to trial and develop a system to rate and record these risks, so that a more scientific approach to claims prevention/control can be taken. In time the system will show us trends and benchmarks which we will analyse and use to assist our Members to develop a more focused approach within their own safety systems to help manage their risks better.

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If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. 

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This Ship Finder is updated on a daily basis. Members who need to advise the Club of updates to their recorded ships' details should advise their usual underwriting contact.