United States environmental regulation - Vessel General Permit 2013 - 19th December 2013 deadline

In Nov 2008, the Club issued Circular 16/08  advising that all qualifying vessels with discharge of pollutants incidental to their normal operation into the US waters (three miles territorial sea or inland water) must comply with the EPA's Vessel General Permit requirements from 19th December 2008 and obtain coverage under the VGP through filing a Notice of Intent. 

The 2008 VGP will expire on 19 December 2013. Earlier this year the EPA issued the 2013 VGP for another five years starting from 19 December 2013. Hence owners or operators of vessels of 300 or more gross tons or which have a capacity to hold or discharge more than 8 cubic metres of ballast water must comply with the 2013 VGP and submit a Notice of Intent using EPA's electronic system no later than seven days prior to a discharge in US waters. Owners of qualifying vessels covered under the 2008 VGP  needing continued coverage under 2013 VGP must therefore submit the electronic NOI before 12 December 2013.

Coverage under 2013 VGP gives authorisation to discharge in accordance with the 2013 VGP.

For general EPA VGP information, please visit the EPA's Vessel General Permit page.

For information on filing electronic Notice of Intent, please visit the eNOI web page.

For comparative analysis of 2013 VGP and 2008 VGP, see for reference the QIs' advisories attached to the head of this page in PDF form.

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