The Association has produced various publications and articles that advise Members on container related risks.

Like the Club Video 'Container Matters', this pamphlet aims to identify some of the most frequent causes of cargo claims and how to avoid them. It covers damage to container cargo, how containers should be stuffed, the carriage...
Overweight containers and mis-declared weights are becoming a very serious problem - it is estimated that as many as 20% of containers are overweight or mis-declared.
Container lashing rods cause considerable damage to the ships main deck paintwork when they are dropped from some height by stevedores. Some ships have fitted old rubber matting on the deck area between the container bays. This...
This is Guidebook 2 in the series “Book it right and pack it tight: shipping containerised dangerous goods by sea” for shipping line and freight sales agency staff engaged in receiving bookings for dangerous goods.
This is Guidebook 3 in the series “Book it right and pack it tight: Shipping containerised dangerous goods by sea”. The series is intended to provide basic safety critical guidance for those engaged in all the stages of preparing dangerous goods for carriage by sea, from booking the cargo, to packing the shipping container.
This is Guidebook 4 in the series “Book it right and pack it tight”. It highlights the safety critical rules that should be followed by those who physically handle dangerous goods inside shipping containers. Other books in the series highlight the duties of manufacturers, shippers, agents, managers and others in the transport chain before and after the container is packed.
The MAIB concluded in its analysis into a recent incident, where a container stack collapsed on a containership, that there are shortcomings in the flow of information relating to container stowage between the shippers, planners, the loading terminal and the ship.

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