Information by Country
Information compiled on each registry’s arrangements for providing certification can be found in the links below listed by country. Each country has its own reference page carrying key documents, contact details and other relevant information.

This compilation will be continually updated with new and relevant information from various flag states. Each update will be notified in the list below. Information from the International Group and other bodies assisting shipowners to comply with the certification requirements of the Convention will also be added to this list of updates.

Keeping up to date
This section of our website supports preparations by our Members for the impending Bunkers Convention is currently ratified by 57 countries* around the world as at 2 December 2010.

All Members should familiarise themselves with these developments. The registered owner of any seagoing vessel over 1,000 gross tons and which is flagged to one of these countries, or likely to visit a port or facility in their territorial waters will require a certificate of insurance for civil liability arising from bunker oil pollution damage.

The latest Club position is set out in the Club Circulars. A ‘question and answer’ sheet is also provided for further guidance. These ‘Q&As’ will be updated as the procedures for certification of insurance for these liabilities develop. Both these documents can be found in the list below.

This section will be continually updated with new and relevant information from various flag states, the International Group and other bodies assisting shipowners to comply with the certification requirements of the Convention.

Any queries regarding the Club’s response to the Bunkers Convention should be directed to Dr Chao Wu, Legal Director for Thomas Miller P&I.

* IMO website maintains an updated list of maritime conventions and their ratification status.  Click here to view that page

Club publications & resources

OUTLINE Four further administrations have agreed to issue certificates to ships registered in non-State Parties. We recommend Members regularly check the Club's website as the position regarding individual States is continuously changing. Entering the port of a State Party after 21st November without a valid certificate risks detention and/or fines.ACTIONMembers with ships registered in non-State Parties should make sure that they have advised the Club of the issuing State Party to which their Blue Cards should be sent.
OUTLINEMembers with ships registered in States that are not Parties to the Bunkers Convention will be able to obtain Bunkers Convention certificates from a State Party whose ports or offshore facilities the ships are scheduled to visit, or from one of the following State Parties - United Kingdom, Liberia, Cyprus, or (if the owner is located or economically connected there) Germany. Members should accordingly study this circular and then let the Club know to which State Party they wish their Bunkers Convention Blue Cards to be addressed. A revised Pollution Charterparty Clause has been drafted for use when the Bunkers Convention has come into force ( 21st November 2008). The revised clause is set out in this circular.
Members with ships registered in a State Party are recommended to contact the authorities in that State in order to confirm the application procedures for Bunkers Convention certificates. For Members with ships registered in non-State Parties, it will only be possible for the Club to issue Blue Cards when it is clear which State Parties are willing to issue certificates to such ships. Individual application forms are being emailed to each Member to collect the necessary information for issuing Blue Cards. These should be completed and returned as soon as possible. Following legal advice received on the relevant address for insertion in Blue Cards, the Club will insert the address of the registered office unless advised of an alternative address by the Member.
OUTLINEThe Bunkers Convention will enter into force in States Parties on 21st November 2008.All vessels over 1000 gross tons are required to maintain on board a Bunkers Convention...
With reference to Club Circular 6/08 - Entry into force of the Bunkers ConventionQ&A on Bunkers Convention Certificates

Flag state summaries on Bunkers Convention implementation

Emergency Contacts

If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. 

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This Ship Finder is updated on a daily basis. Members who need to advise the Club of updates to their recorded ships' details should advise their usual underwriting contact.

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