The reinsurance function

One of the key reasons for the International Group of P&I Clubs establishment is to arrange collective insurance and reinsurance for its member P&I clubs.  The operation of this function is explained in detail in the 'Pooling & Reinsurance' page.

The representative function

The International Group provides an effective voice for the shipowner and charterer members of the individual Clubs, particularly on new Conventions and legislation affecting shipowners' and charterers' liabilities and the insurance thereof. It carries out this function in relation to inter-governmental bodies such as IMO and UNCTAD as well as to national governments.

Exchange of Information

The International Group provides a useful forum for sharing information on matters of concern to Clubs and their members. These include general issues such as oil pollution and personal injury as well as current problems in particular ports or in relation to the carriage of particular cargoes.

Operation and Control

Strategic and policy issues of concern to the International Group are determined by each Club individually. It is for the Board of Directors (or Committee) of each Club to decide upon the extent to which it desires to delegate authority to its managers to deal on its behalf with particular matters.

Routine business is usually dealt with by correspondence between the managers of the International Group Clubs or their representatives, who also meet in committee to analyse and clarify more complex issues, with a view to formulating recommendations for the individual Clubs to consider.

The monitoring of the pooling contract involves the managers of the International Group Clubs or their representatives working together to examine any proposed alterations or extensions to the cover being provided by each Club in order to assess the continuing compatibility of the risks that are to be pooled. Similarly, they review the accounting policies of each participating Club with a view to enabling the other Clubs to monitor its financial strength. They also operate the contractual machinery for sharing the claims in the Pool with the aim of producing an equitable financial result as between the participating Clubs. Finally, they co-ordinate the detail of the Pool's reinsurances; the contract itself is placed annually by brokers acting on behalf of all the participating Clubs.

Emergency Contacts

If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office hours for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers. 

Ship Finder

This Ship Finder is updated on a daily basis. Members who need to advise the Club of updates to their recorded ships' details should advise their usual underwriting contact.

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