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Date: 23/12/2019
The International Group has previously agreed to cover liabilities arising in respect of the carriage of cargo under four electronic trading systems – Bolero (, ESS ( the e-title system ( and the Global Share S.A. edoxOnline platform ( )
Date: 17/12/2019
A Special General Meeting of The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Europe) Limited will be held on 16th January 2020 in London.
Date: 05/11/2019
At its meeting on the 4th November 2019, the Board reviewed the financial position of the Club including the performance of the open and closed policy years and decided on the required premium levels for the 2020 policy year.
Date: 05/11/2019
At the Annual General Meeting held in Singapore on Monday 4th November 2019, the proposed resolutions in the agenda were put to the Members and were adopted by the meeting.
This circular provides details of the AGM of the Association which will take place in Singapore at 9am on 4th November 2019 and the arrangements for voting by proxy.
Date: 10/09/2019
OUTLINE On 5th August 2019, the United States (US) administratrion increased its sanctions programme against the Government of Venezuela Executive Order 13884 essentially blocks all...
Date: 03/09/2019
OUTLINE “Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments” (the “Compliance Framework”) published by...
Date: 29/08/2019
OUTLINE Members are reminded of Club...
Date: 24/06/2019
From 1 January 2020, the MARPOL permitted limit for sulphur content in ships’ bunker will be reduced from 3.5% m/m to 0.50% m/m (for ships operating outside designated emission control areas)
Date: 11/06/2019
The International Group has agreed to cover liabilities arising in respect of the carriage of cargo under three electronic trading systems – Bolero ESS and the e-title system
Date: 15/05/2019
Circular 6/19: Review of open policy years
Date: 22/03/2019
OUTLINE The Club is now licenced to operate in the Netherlands and will be able to write P&I risks throughout the EEA. TO THE MEMBERS BREXIT UPDATE - THE UK...
Date: 08/02/2019
Venezuelan Sanctions – Designations against PdVSA
Date: 30/01/2019
At their meeting on 28th January 2019, the Directors reviewed the basis on which special war risks P&I cover could be made available to Members in accordance with the proviso to Rule 5E, and determined that this cover should be made available to Members for the 2019 policy year in accordance with the terms of the attached Directors’ Resolution of 28th January 2019.
Date: 29/01/2019
Group reinsurance rates reduced for all vessel categories
Date: 16/01/2019
This circular informs Members of the significant risk of evading the comprehensive international sanctions regime against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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