Past editions of the UK Club's Report & Accounts are below. 

Date: 21/11/2016
The Club’s performance over the first six months of the year has been extremely strong. After six months of the year, total notified claims on the prudently reserved 2016 policy year are encouraging with few large claims within the Club or Pool retentions. Claims on prior policy years have also developed favourably. Full details of the Club's half year financials are available in the attached '2016 Autumn Review'.
Date: 02/06/2016
Review of the year and Financial Statements of the Club for the year ended 20th February 2016.
Date: 09/05/2016
2015 has been another strong year for the Club. The importance of consistent disciplined underwriting was evident in a year of volatility in the investment markets. The combined ratio for the financial year was 92%, better than the Club’s target of 100%. Full details are available in the Club's 2016 Review of the Year.
Date: 26/10/2015
At the half year, the UK Club holds free reserves and hybrid capital of $559 million. The surplus achieved in the first six months of the year contributed to this increase in free reserves, despite uncertainty in global investment markets.
Date: 10/07/2015
Review of the year and Financial Statements of the Club for the year ended 20th February 2015.
Date: 11/05/2015
2014 has been a year of significant progress for the Club. A commitment to disciplined underwriting has delivered a combined ratio for the financial year of 104%, the fifth consecutive year that the Club has performed at or close to its target of 100%.  The 2015 Review of the Year is available to download.
Date: 27/10/2014
The strength of the Club has enabled it to weather the particularly intense claims year of 2013 and to return a break-even result for the half year. The Club has maintained its capital position at the half year with $529m...
Date: 08/07/2014
This year the Club has increased its free reserves and capital by $34 million. This takes the Club’s total capital to a new high of $528 million, comprising the underlying free reserves of $430 million and hybrid capital of $98 million.
A Strong resultThe Club has produced a surplus this year of $30 million which, together with the foreign exchange differences, takes the Club’s total free Reserves and hybrid capital to a new high of $528 million;...
At this half year, free reserves remain at a healthy level of $473 million.  The reduction of $21 million reflects the higher claims experience of 2013, offset to some extent by continuing improvement in the most recent...

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