This year’s Bodily Injury Seminar covered a variety of important areas relevant to both US and foreign flag shipowners. Twenty-five Members representing all vessel types, attended the seminar in our Jersey City office to listen to experts talk on: Limitation of Liability, How to Evaluate Pain and Suffering Damages, Crew Mental Health, Medical Case Management, and Medical Repatriation. Find out more in the latest edition of Bodily Injury News.
This edition of BI News contains articles on thin skulled plaintiffs; support for injured crew; overseas arbitration clauses; requiring the surrender of US Merchant Mariner’s documents as condition of settlement; and, the impact...
This edition of BI News contains articles on A shipowner’s obligation to those lawfully on board, proof of negligence post Scindia, the role of jury focus groups, negotiating damages through BI mediation and managing the cost of maritime healthcare in the US.
This edition of BI News contains articles on recent legal decisions concerning longshore workers (page 3 and page 8); heavy weather incidents (page 5); medical consolidation (page 9) and troubling news for cruise line operators with the groundbreaking Franza ruling - page 10.
In this edition Good investigative practice, obstruction of justice, Post-accident arbitration agreements,Removing the wreck of the Costa Concordia and Adverse jury verdicts
This summer 2014 edition of BI News covers injuries caused by  lifeboat drills, traumatic brain injuries, strategies for dealing with long-term illness claims, PTSD and hidden surprises in towage contracts. Don't forget to...
In this issue of the journal of the Thomas Miller Americas’ bodily injury team articles on Pollution and toxic torts, 5th Circuit on punitive damages and Pitfalls of termination of maintenance and cure.
The first of our bi-annual editions of Thomas Miller Americas' Bodily Injury News is published this week.  The lead editorial from TMA President & CEO Mike Jarrett is reproduced below.  Click on the PDF to download the full newsletter.
As well as specialist topics like non-party subpoenas and maintenance & cure issues, this latest edition reports on the topics and discussions of September’s sell-out Bodily Injury Seminar held at the New Jersey office.
This early summer edition of the Bodily Injury Newsletter places particular emphasis on ‘maintenance and cure’.  The breadth of exposure through this avenue of claim is not widely understood. The seemingly limitless potential for punitive damages where owners fail to pay maintenance and cure, is explored as is the trend towards palliative treatment which raises the prospect of a continued cost for owners. Recent issues and developments arising from crew injury through falling overboard and parting mooring lines are also reviewed.

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