Established in 1961, the C2C committee have produced many articles on cargoes that have caused many claims, and other cargo related issues such as hold washing, cargo securing, and ventilation. The UK P&I Club have updated and republished these articles in the Carefully to Carry - Consolidated Edition 2018.

The quality of advice given has established Carefully to Carry as a key source of guidance for shipowners and ships' officers. In addition, the articles have frequently been the source of expertise in negotiations over the settlement of claims and have also been relied on in court hearings.

While safety is the primary objective and loss prevention continues to be an ongoing concern for shipping, this book also touches upon a variety of issues, as vessels, cargoes and regulations become increasingly complex. In this context, the UK P&I Club has updated its Carefully to Carry publication to highlight the most current thinking in the industry.

Best practices, checklists, key points and considerations, and clear messages supported by photos and illustrations are some of the features of this manual that not only educate but also enhance the reader's existing knowledge. For example, it supplements insightfully the IMSBC Code, the IGC Code and the BLU Code, among others.

Carefully to Carry is of course not limited to dry bulk cargoes, but also covers liquid bulk cargoes, gases, packaged cargoes and a long list of other cargoes. It encapsulates the full range of potential issues around transporting bulk cargoes, from the characteristics and risks inherent in specific goods, hold preparation and hatch covers, to best practice when loading and unloading and the regulations that shippers must abide by.

By encouraging best practice around the handling and storage of potentially dangerous cargo, this book will hopefully assist in reducing the number of tragic injuries and incidents that unfortunately continue to occur. Crew members who familiarise themselves with this guide and its recommendations can significantly reduce the possibility of cargo incurring any damage, with all the resulting costs that this can bring.

Carefully to Carry - Consolidated Edition 2018 can be purchased from Witherby's here.

Ore and Minerals

Coal Cargoes

Bitumen - Natural and Rock

Mineral Ore Concentrates and other Materials that may Liquefy

Sulphur Cargoes

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

Steel and Other Metals


Scrap Metal

Timber and Forestry Products

Timber Deck Cargoes

Forestry Products

Measurement Using Draught Surveys

Draught Surveys

Bulk Cargoes - Liquid

Cargo tank preparation and cleaning for general products and chemicals

Bulk Oil Cargoes - Shortage and Contamination Claims

Samples and Sampling in the Carriage of Liquid Bulk Cargoes

Flashpoint Contaminations of Diesel Oil and Gas Oil

Liquid Natural Oils, Fats and Fatty Products

Biofuels: Marine Transport, Handling and Storage Issues

The Carriage of Gas

Liquefied Gases

Liquefied Natural Gas

Packaged Cargoes, Including Bags, Drums and Flexitanks

Refined (Crystal) Sugar




Bagged Rice

Agricultural Products in Non-refrigerated Containers

Calcium Hypochlorite

Thiourea Dioxide

Expandable Polymeric Beads


Soya Beans

Refrigerated and Controlled Atmosphere Cargoes

Refrigerated Container and Controlled Atmosphere Cargoes

Carriage Instructions for Refrigerated Cargoes

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Table Grapes

Frozen Fish

Meat and Meat Products in Containers

Pharmaceuticals in Temperature Controlled Containers

General Container Operations Including Waste Shipment

Stuffing, Stacking and Lashing Containers

Container Top Safety

Container Crime

Waste Shipments in Freight Containers

Miscellaneous Cargoes

Heavy-lift and Project Cargoes

Agricultural Produce - Insect Infestation and Fumigation

Fishmeal cargoes - Self-Heating and Fires

Palletised Cargoes

Radioactive Cargoes

Radioactive Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6)

Cargo Planning and Securing (Including Hatch Covers)

Preparing Cargo Plans - Structural Limitations

Cargo Pre-loading Surveys

Stowage of Breakbulk Cargo (General Cargo)

Lashing and Securing Deck Cargoes

Steel Hatch Covers

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