Healthier and fitter crew are part of the ongoing quest to reduce claims, avoiding delay and improving safety aboard ships.

The PEME programme proves to be the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK Club. It is evident from the statistical findings that it has provided a system for proper accountability by the clinic on the quality of the pre-employment medical examinations.

It has also led to consistency in a high examination standard to protect a shipowner from claims arising from medical conditions that should have been detected during the examination. Participating shipowners are provided with a proven system for managing this aspect of crew risks and thus they benefit by having a fitter and healthier crew. This programme is the most extensive and inclusive system in the industry. According to Phil Nichols, Personal Injury Claims Specialist -

“An unfit crewman will have, or is likely to cause a major incident due to illness; so it's not just medical costs and sick wages that are at stake. Consider a few avoidable interruptions: delay in journey, disruption aboard vessel and unhappy customers or passengers”.

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