Date: 25/10/2018
Vessel Type: Tanker Incident description After discharging a cargo of naphtha, the vessel was then fixed to load gas oil, in preparation for which, all cargo tanks and lines...
Date: 10/10/2018
Vessel Type: Bulk carrier Incident description The vessel loaded a full cargo of soya beans in North America for discharge in the Far East. The voyage was performed in the Northern Winter...
Date: 16/03/2018
Vessel Type: Cargo Ro-Ro Incident description The vessel loaded an assortment of cargo consisting mainly of trucks, wheeled and tracked excavators, containers and other general cargo. The...
Date: 08/02/2018
Vessel Type: Tanker Incident description This tanker was fixed to load three liquid chemical parcels, each consigned for discharge at different ports. No problems were...
Date: 17/01/2018
Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier Incident descriptionPrior to loading a full cargo of bulk minerals, the cargo holds were cleaned and tests for watertight integrity successfully carried out. In...
Date: 25/10/2017
During cargo operations, the duty deck officer noticed the presence of a large quantity of water within one of the holds. He immediately informed the master and arrangements were made to transfer the water into a holding tank using the hold bilge pumping system.
Date: 17/08/2017
This vessel was loading a bulk cargo in two of the vessel’s lower holds. During the loading operation, the vessel bunkered 500 MT of HFO into no.’s 2 port and starboard fuel oil side tanks. Shortly after the completion of bunkering operations, the Chief Engineer (C/E) noticed the level of no.2 port fuel oil tank was decreasing from observation of the remote gauging system.
Date: 07/06/2017
Vessel Type: Dry cargo vessel Incident description: The subject 5 hold vessel was fixed to load a full cargo of yellow Maize in bulk. The previous cargo was bulk fertiliser. On completion of...

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