Sri Lanka: Covid-19 regulations for oil tankers discharging at the SPBM

Oil tanker

4 November 2020

Members’ attention is drawn to the following procedures applicable to all oil tankers arriving at ports in Sri Lanka to discharge oil cargo at a single point buoy mooring (SPBM);

1.  It is mandatory to conduct Covid-19 PCRtests on the entire crews of oil tankers arriving at ports in Sri Lanka for oil discharging operations.

2. The PCR test should be performed by an approved private sector laboratory in Sri Lanka.

3. The Port Health Officer will issue free pratique upon receipt of negative PCR test reports for all crew members, along with other routine documents, submitted to the Port Health Office.

4. All Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Limited (CPSTL)/ Ceylon Petroleum Corporation staff boarding an oil tanker should wear appropriate PPE.

5. Any CPSTL/Ceylon Petroleum Corporation staff boarding a vessel should undergo a 14 day quarantine in premises provided by the Petroleum Corporation.

6. Such premises should be managed by the CPSTL/CPC under the directions and guidelines given by the area Medical Officer of Health (MOH)/ PHI.

7. A PCR test is to be done on day 7 of the quarantine period by an approved private sector laboratory.

8.  With a negative day 7 PCR report, the staff member can be released from mandatory quarantine on day 14 after informing the area MOH/PHI, and he/ she can thereafter resume work.

Source: GAC Shipping Ltd,

Staff Author