564 - 2/08 - Draught Surveys - Egypt

It is suspected that an act of falsely declaring shortage claims is currently being exercised in ports of Egypt, where masters are being encouraged to sign and stamp a draught survey form before the final survey has been conducted and calculated. 

It has been noticed that some local surveyors conducting draught surveys in Egypt tend to use a form consisting of two columns; a left-hand column for initial survey measurements, prior to cargo operations, and a right-hand column for final survey measurements, on completion of cargo operations. Below is an example form that has been signed and stamped by the master before the final draught survey has been performed (ship name, registry and IMO number digitally removed).

We understand that this practice is conducted by some surveyors representing the consignees, with the intention of fabricating shortage claims against the ship. The signed document can be used as evidence that the shortage was accepted by the master.

Should masters be required to sign and stamp initial survey documents, it should be signed with a remark “FOR INITIAL SURVEY ONLY”. The document can then be re-signed and stamped on completion and acceptance of the final survey measurements.

Masters are also recommended to closely monitor the measurements made by the surveyor, particularly ballast measurements, so as to ensure proper and accurate results.

Download the full bulletin below.


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