577 - 4/08 - Bulk Cargo Shortages - Uruguay

The Club's local correspondent in Uruguay advises of a significant increase in the number of bulk cargo shortages in Montevideo and Nueva Palmira.

Bulk cargoes in the ports of Montevideo and Nueva Palmira are discharged by means of grabs from holds to hoppers, and then to trucks. The trucks are weighed on the official shore scales of the National Ports' Administration before leaving the port area.

It has been noticed that normally shortage claims involve ships where the owners did not have a surveyor monitoring the weighing of trucks at the shore scale. When a surveyor has been appointed on behalf of the vessel's owner, claims for shortages are usually avoided.

Owners often appoint a surveyor to conduct draft surveys. The courts consider shore scale records to be more accurate and reliable and therefore do not accept draft survey results as proof in court.

Members are recommended to appoint their own surveyor to be in attendance during discharging operations, monitoring truck weighing at the official shore scale, with the purpose of obtaining evidence to reflect the full amount of cargo discharged.

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