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Main Administrative office

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

25 Constitution Avenue Canberra ACT

GPO Box 2181 Canberra City 2601


Tel: +61 02 6279 5933

Fax: +61 02 6279 5026





Certification Procedure

The certification procedure is explained in full on the Australian Maritime Safety Authority website

Also available is the "Application For Certificate of Insurance" form on their web site, which can be found at


AMSA will accept electronic blue cards issued by IG Clubs and will issue certificates to vessels registered in non-State parties if a certificate has not already been obtained from another party and the vessel will be entering an Australian port.

AMSA initially indicated that Australian registered ships will be required to have a Bunkers Certificate issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) even if they have already obtained a certificate from another country that is a party the Bunkers Convention. After concerns raised by the Secretariat, AMSA has agreed that that Australian registered owners do not need to obtain Australian issued Bunkers certificates for 09/10 policy year if they are already in possession of a certificate issued by another State party. The onus is on the owner and their Club to ensure the Certificate they already maintain on board is valid.

Contact Details in respect of Bunkers convention Certification

Katrina Hansen,

Administration and Information Co-ordinator,

Environment Protection

Australian Maritime Safety Authority,

GPO Box 2181

Canberra ACT 2601,

Tel: +61 02 6279 5933

Fax: +61 02 6279 5026


There is a fee of $A70 for issuing new certificates, a fee of $A40 will apply to renewals.

Last updated: 20th May 2009


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