Flag State Summary - Cayman Islands

Main administrative office

Miss Emily Coombs

Maritime Officer

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands

First Floor, Vanbrurgh House

Grange Drive, Hedge End

Southampton, SO30 2AF

Hants, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1489 7899203

Fax: + 44 (0) 1489 799204




http://www.cishipping.com/Certification Procedure

Applications for the issue of certificates in accordance with article 7 of the Convention should be sent to the European Regional Office of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry along with the original evidence of insurance (or "Blue Card") issued by the insurer or other financial institution. Contact details are given in the Section 6 of this Shipping Notice. "Electronic Blue Cards", if issued directly by the P&I Club, will be accepted as "original".

"Blue Cards" issued by P&I Clubs which are not members of the "International Group of P&I Clubs" (www.igpandi.org) may be subject to detailed investigations in order to ensure the provider of financial security is approved by the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority (FSA). The Minimum period for conducting investigations is ten (10) working days, but may take longer.

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry will then arrange for the issue the required certificates under the provisions of the Convention.

The issue of the certificate will attract an administration fee in line with current policy.

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The Club has heard that the Cayman Islands have not been able to request the United Kingdom authority to extend ratification to them prior to the 20th February. The Cayman Islands have advised the International Group secretariat that they are thus unable to issue any certificates in their own name.

Last Updated: 19th February 2008

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