Flag State Summary - China

Main administrative office

Director of Marine,

Marine Department,

24/F., Harbour Building,

38 Pier Road,

Hong Kong

Fax: (+852) 2545 0556



Enquiries: Tel: (+852) 2852 4510 or

(+852) 2852 4606

Each individual Chinese registered owner should contact the MSA in their port of registry to obtain the Convention certificate. The blue cards issued by the approved insurer to the Chinese registered owner should be addressed to the MSA in the owner's port of registry.

Certification Procedure

Has also confirmed that they request the regional MSAs to only accept hard copy blue cards with signatures and not in an electronic format. Following the Secretariat's suggestion, they have indicated that they will organize a specific study in this regard and analysis the advantages and disadvantages for their future decision.

The extension of the Bunkers Convention to Hong Kong by China was scheduled to take place on 22 January 2010, but has not done so yet. They will issue certificates from the date of extension, although they will receive applications prior to this date.

Contact details in respect of Bunkers convention certification

Last updated:8th February 2010

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