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Certificates of Insurance in respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage will be temporary in future

To ensure that Denmark meets the requirements of the 1992 International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, certificates issued by the Danish Maritime Authority to oil tankers as documentation of insurance against any compensation claims will be temporary in future.

Danish ships carrying more than 2,000 tonnes of oil in bulk as cargo must hold insurance against any compensation claims following pollution damage caused by oil spillage. Ships that can prove that they are insured will, however, be issued with a certificate by the Danish Maritime Authority for presentation in other countries with similar rules, if relevant. This is a consequence of the 1992 CLC Convention and is evident from Order no. 217 of 8 April 1998.

Most oil tankers take out insurance for one year on 20 February every year and, subsequently, renew it on an ongoing basis. To avoid, as far as possible, that ships carry certificates though they are not, in effect, insured, the Danish Maritime Authority will in future:

issue certificates for a limited period of time, corresponding as a maximum to the underlying insurance conditions, which will typically be until 20 February the following year, and

withdraw the time-unlimited certificates already issued against the issue of new certificates before 20 February 2009. The Danish Maritime Authority will inform the shipping companies that are to return certificates on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, this practice could involve a minor increase in the shipping companies' administrative work with the CLC certificates, but in the opinion of the Danish Maritime Authority it is necessary to ensure that Denmark meets its obligations under the Convention.

The shipping companies concerned will be informed on an ongoing basis, either through the issue of new certificates or through a withdrawal of those already issued, if relevant. Should you, however, have any questions to the above already now, please contact Head of Section Ellen Odsbjerg, tel. +45 39 17 45 70.

Contact details in respect of Bunkers Convention certification

Mr Jesper Mandrup Timler

Tel: +45 39 17 45 88




Last updated 20th May 2009


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