What Can Members Expect?

Members’ dealings with the Club, both in general terms and specifically on underwriting, claims and loss prevention matters

One of the service initiatives agreed by our Board in the Club's current Corporate Plan is a service commitment. The terms of this commitment are set out in this document.

The service commitment is intended to set out what Members can expect from the Club, in terms of their dealings generally and on underwriting, claims and loss prevention matters specifically. It provides Members with a benchmark against which they can compare the service they receive.

The commitment has been put together based on feedback received from Members on what is important to them in their dealings with the Club. Some of the commitments, for instance payment of claims as quickly as possible, have long been regarded as important. The commitment is to make reimbursement within 10 days of authorisation.

Others reflect more recent feedback. A notable example concerns loss prevention advice. The Club has recently received requests to assist Members in understanding and managing the risks generating claims on their record, and an item in the service commitment covers this aspect. The Managers intend to review the service delivered by the Club with each Member over the next twelve months. Action plans will be agreed to ensure each Member is receiving the standard of service to which they are entitled.

The Managers will proactively seek feedback on the quality of the Club’s claims service (including the service provided by suppliers employed on Members’ behalf and their overall satisfaction with the result of the claim).

You are welcome to read the full document below.


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