Group Reinsurance 2011 (Editorial 14th January 2011)

The new arrangements for the International Group excess of loss were announced this week.

The individual rates charged for tankers visiting the United States have reduced by twelve and a half per cent compared to the 2010 policy year. These rates are published in the Addendum to the Club Rules in the "U.S. Oil Pollution Clause".

The Group excess reinsurance rates for the 2011 policy year have also reduced by between four and eight per cent. Differing individual rates are charged for key ship types to reflect the risk exposure they present to the Group Pool and reinsurance.

The Group has increased the upper limit of retained Pool claims from $50 million to $ 60 million. The excess of loss reinsurance programme covers the portion of claims exceeding that figure up to a total limit of $3,060 million.

An explanation of the International Group and Pool arrangements can be found on this website in the About the Club section under "International group of P&I Clubs".

The customary circular will be issued shortly by the Club explaining the arrangements for the 2011 policy year.

*International Group of P&I Clubs website announcement and table of reinsurance rates  US Oil Pollution Surcharge - 2011 Policy Year


(A) Tankers of more than 1,000 GT

- per ton per voyage 0.068  0.0566
LOOP/Lightening - per ton per voyage 0.034  0.0283

(B) Tankers of 1,000 GT or less:-

either per voyage

or per annum 





(C) Parcel tankers carrying less than

5,000 metric tons of persistent oil as cargo
- per voyage  204 170

(D) Parcel tankers carrying 5,000 - 9,999

metric tons of persistent oil as cargo
-  per voyage 510 425

International Group Excess Reinsurance Rates - 2011 Policy Year

Ship type 2011 Rate per GT % change on 2010
Tanker - dirty 0.7038 -6.83%
Tanker - clean 0.3055 -8.40%
Dry cargo 0.3709 -4.09%
Passenger 1.478 -5.58%

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