Tanker ports update - Japan

This ports update bulletin is revised as and when new information on wet bulk terminals is received. Whilst the web page displays just those terminals where damage and or interruption has been reported, a spreadsheet listing the status of all terminals for which we have reports is attached to the bulletin. A Japan ports map listing contact numbers for all the major ports is also listed.

 OpenCosmo Oil - Refining under suspension / Cargo ops in working
ClosedNo.2 BerthUnknown when to resumeJet
OpenNo.10 BerthNaphtha / Gasoil/ Jet
OpenNo.14-A PierChemical
ClosedSea BerthUnder regular berth maintenanceNaphtha
Kashima Denkai
OpenDenkai BerthNaphtha / Salt
Kashima LPG Joint Stockpiling
OpenKyobi PierLPG
Kashima Oil - Refining to resume in early June / Cargo ops in working
ClosedCOP No.1Repair until SeptemberCrude / Naphtha
OpenCOP No.2Crude / FO / LPG
OpenCOP No.3Naphtha / FO / Gasoil
Mitsubishi Chem - Plant in operation
Shin-Etsu Chem - Plant in operation
OpenNo.2Operating by temporary berthChemical
Onahama Petroleum - Coaster berths partly operating
ClosedSea BerthWorking in normalCrude / FO
JXNOE - LPG ops will be resumed in end of Jun at BEST / KEROSENE ops will be resumed in end of August at BEST / Crude ops will be resumed in End of 2011 at BEST
ClosedNo.1 PierCrude / Product / LPG


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