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Defence cover is insurance for the legal and other costs of pursuing and defending claims related to entered ships where the sum in dispute is not insured.

It is however more than just insurance. The Club’s legally qualified staff are also available to assist and advise on claims without the need to instruct lawyers and to be used as a sounding board before particular steps are taken, as well as to advise on particular contracts or clauses.

Examples of disputes covered:

  • Wide range of disputes under time and voyage charter parties, concerning for example payment of hire or freight, payment of demurrage (including container demurrage), exercising liens over cargo, sailing orders, safety of ports, ship's performance and characteristics
  • Disputes under contracts of affreightment and bills of lading
  • Bunker quality disputes with bunker suppliers and between owners and charterers
    Claims for damage to the ship (where losses are below hull and machinery deductible) and loss of use between owners and charterers, shippers / cargo owners, terminal operators, third parties
  • Disputes with agents, brokers, ship managers, stevedores, terminals or others supplying services to ships
  • Coverage or other disputes with marine insurers
    Employment claims or other disputes with crew members
  • Disputes with governmental or port state authorities, representation at official investigations.

Examples of claims covered:

  • Hire dispute
  • Explosion and loss of ship
  • Bunker quality dispute
  • Port agency dispute

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