Alert! 30 - The people managers...

looking after the company's most valued assets

"Look after your people... and they will look after you."

The first point of contact for any person wanting to go to sea is likely to be a member of the human resources (HR) department; equally, the first point of contact for any seafarer outside the ship is likely to be his/her HR or crewing manager. 

So, it stands to reason that those who are involved in the business of managing the working lives of seafarers should never forget that seafarers are unique in that for a large part of each year they are placed aboard a floating platform, which is subject to the vagaries of the wind and the sea, and in which they work, rest and play, away from normal family life.

Maritime HR/crewing managers, therefore, should not just have a professional knowledge of HR practice, but also, they must have some understanding of the ways of the sea, and of the challenges that a seafarer and his family will face through separation. He/she therefore provides a link between the seafarer and his/ her family.

Included in Alert!30 is also:

  • Building a trusting relationship with candidates and clients;
  • The role of the Marine Training Manager;
  • Global professional standards for HR;
  • Breathing apparatus air compressor explosion on board a woodchip carrier;

among other articles.

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