Part VII Transfer Summary of Scheme & Scheme Report - Club restructure - September 2012

Section 109 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ('FSMA') requires that an application in respect of a proposed insurance business transfer be accompanied by a report from a suitably qualified person (the 'Independent Expert') on the proposed terms of that transfer. This document is a summary of that full report (the 'Report') on the Transfer but should not replace a full reading of the Report as, taken in isolation, it could be misleading.

The Report complies with the applicable rules on expert evidence and with the guidance for such reports set out in Chapter 18 of the FSA Supervision Handbook. The form of the Report has been approved by the FSA in accordance with Section 109 of FSMA and in the context of the Transfer.

This summary and the Report have been prepared solely for the purposes of the FSMA requirements in the context of the Transfer. This summary is subject to the same limitations as those set out in the Report, and in the event of any real or perceived conflict between this summary and the Report, the Report shall prevail.


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