Pollution exposure

Whilst the additional premium rates required for tankers carrying persistent oil in United States waters fell by 30% this year, the exposure to environmental claims remains highly significant. Furthermore, it can be difficult to follow the complexities and differences arising from different federal and state laws.

The Club has two environmental specialists to support its Members in dealing with this challenging area of liability.

Dr Chao Wu and Kevin King are based in London and New Jersey respectively and support the Club and its Members' interests in environmental liability exposure worldwide.

Their work and that of supporting colleagues has enabled the Club to publish a variety of references on pollution liability and regulatory compliance for key areas of the world.

US Pollution Risks

- COFR and VRP Requirements - Federal & State Summaries

China marine pollution laws

Australian maritime pollution laws

EU environmental legislation

Each document provides an overview of certain laws and regulations relating to oil pollution risks in these regions. While every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, it is only a guide and not a substitute for formal legal advice.

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