Supporting Member quality

Despite acute cost pressure risk management and loss prevention remain a priority for our Members. The Club's response is two-fold. Firstly, empower and guide owners and their crews on how to identify and control risk. Secondly, support and educate them with the shared experience of the Club and its Members on such risks.

The innovative 'BowTie' risk management scheme launched this year tackles the identification of areas of risk and minimising the occurrence of incidents. The loss prevention website and wide variety of publications devotes significant resources to supporting and informing Members on how to avoid or minimise a wide variety of risks and hazards.

The loss prevention section of this website carries material from the Club's risk management teams - loss prevention, ship inspection, PEME and Signum.


The wealth of publications and advices resulting from their activities are profiled in a brochure.

that can be downloaded or obtained in hard copy from your usual Club contact. Regular updates in the form of loss prevention bulletins, technical bulletins, news and useful ideas contributed from Member's ships complement the more substantial studies the department produces.

The ship inspection team provide a significant proportion of loss prevention input to the team as well as distributing Club material on their many visits to Members' ships. In contrast to many other inspection regimes, the Club's inspectors concentrate on claims reduction rather than rule compliance.

The crews' pre-employment risk assessment programme, PEME, continues to assist Members ensure that their crews are fit to serve on ships. Last year, the team conducted their 250,000th seafarer medical.

Finally, Signum, the Club's in-house team of ex-Scotland Yard detectives led by chief investigator, Chris Simpson, investigate the causes of claims where criminal activity is suspected. Their brochure illustrates Signum's response to a range of situations where Members were the victim of criminal activity

RSS feeds keep you abreast of loss prevention's most recent developments with separate feeds for the weekly LP Bulletin as well as the general loss prevention feed. Members can also follow the Club's Twitter @UKPandI which includes loss prevention material together with the other Club news and bulletins.

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