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Trader, bank or commodity house: whatever shipping terms or contracts you use, involvement in marine transport means you are exposed to liabilities. Our experience and expertise will help you manage your risk cost-effectively.

Damage to the chartered ship Damage caused to the ship by your cargo, at the port, by off-spec bunkers or by stevedores may be your responsibility under the charter party.

Pollution from your cargo Even if you are not at fault, as the buyer, seller or holder of a bill of lading for goods carried on board, you can be liable for clean up costs or a fine after an environmental incident involving the ship

Damage to the cargo Third-party cargo claims may be brought against you as the charterer for cargo damaged by the ship, either under the charter party if you were responsible for loading of the cargo or the bill of lading if you issued it.

Pollution from the chartered ship A number of jurisdictions such as Australia and the United States target the charterer of the ship for pollution caused by the ship, either from the cargo or bunkers or both.

Personal injury Ship operations are dangerous. Where a charterer is contractually responsible for those operations, there could be a large claim for injuries or deaths that occur.

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