UKDC 2013 Member & Broker Survey Results

In 2013 UK Defence Club commissioned a survey to understand Members' and brokers' views of the Club's performance.

A total of 136 Members and 36 brokers responded to the online survey giving a response rate of 28% for Members and 20% for brokers. This is a relatively high response rate for an online survey.

Of the Members who responded, 60% were owners and 26% were both owners and charterers.

The survey findings were largely positive and highlighted those areas such as relationships with Members, service and expertise where the Club is generally perceived to be performing strongly.

Looking forward the survey was useful in identifying a number of key areas that would benefit from particular focus. The Board and the Managers are giving consideration as to how these can be implemented.

The findings of the survey show that the UK Defence Club is regarded in a very favourable light. That does not mean to say that there isn’t room for improvement and in the previous pages we have identified some of the areas the Board and the Managers are going to focus on over the next year.

These include raising the profile of the Club, seeking improvements in communications and continuing to review and develop our human resources strategy to make sure we have the right level of resource in all the right places.

This is the first survey of Members and brokers we have conducted and we see it as a benchmark that will allow us to measure progress over time.

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