Vessel Response Plans - Compliance with US regulations for tank and non-tank ships

Vessel Response Plan compliance is the latest topic that is covered in a specialist section of this website. Links to this section can be found in either the rotating banner at the head of the home page, or in the right hand column of the Knowledge section.

As advised in the recent circulars 12/13 and 14/13 advised non-tank vessel owners are also now required to submit Vessel Response Plans (VRPs) to the Coast Guard - by the 30th January 2014. For the purposes of these plans, non-tank owners are required to pre-contract with Qualified Individuals (QIs), Oil Spill Response Companies (OSROs), dispersant service providers and salvors.

The funding agreements of five salvors that have been reviewed and found to conform with the International Group (IG) Salvage Guidelines on Vessel Response Plans are available for download from that section.

Further down the same page the Club circulars relevant to US VRP compliance are listed for reference. Members are recommended to refer to these circulars for guidance. Other miscellaneous advisory information is posted in the right hand column of this page.

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