Eco Issues and The P&I Club

‘Safety4Sea’ a maritime safety and environmental portal, held an event in April this year in which they aimed to highlight environmental awareness specifically promoting practices to create a ‘Greener’ industry. This meant a panel of 22 Global experts were invited to take part in a ‘2014 Green4Sea’ Forum held in Athens. Here, they would debate a wide range of eco issues and discuss the latest developments in the Marine environment. Although over 260 companies were represented, The UK P&I Club was the only Insurer present. Nick Milner, the Director of Claims for Thomas Miller Hellas office, presented an insightful and meaningful discussion on how Eco issues and P&I coverage converge.

Nick’s presentation focused on our responsibilities as a Club to not only protect the environment, but also on ways we continue to become ‘Greener’ especially in areas such as Salvage, Pollution, Wreck Removal and Loss Prevention. As a Club we have a duty to respond to developments that effect or are likely to effect liabilities and no doubt environmental factors play a significant role within this.

A link to Nick’s presentation from the forum is available here:

This was also covered by Greek national television channel 'SKAI' which provided video footage of the speakers both on the Green4Sea website and also on youtube: is also worth noting the advice the Club offers in order to assist our Members in avoiding loss through environmental risk. This includes guidance on Polar Shipping: and the Resources page on the website which aims to collate all material in respect of international environmental compliance issues affecting our members:

Holly Lacey-Freeman

Marketing Executive