Eco Issues and The P&I Club

‘Safety4Sea’ a maritime safety and environmental portal, held an event in April this year in which they aimed to highlight environmental awareness specifically promoting practices to create a ‘Greener’ industry. This meant a panel of 22 Global experts were invited to take part in a ‘2014 Green4Sea’ Forum held in Athens. Here, they would debate a wide range of eco issues and discuss the latest developments in the Marine environment. Although over 260 companies were represented, The UK P&I Club was the only Insurer present. Nick Milner, the Director of Claims for Thomas Miller Hellas office, presented an insightful and meaningful discussion on how Eco issues and P&I coverage converge.

Nick’s presentation focused on our responsibilities as a Club to not only protect the environment, but also on ways we continue to become ‘Greener’ especially in areas such as Salvage, Pollution, Wreck Removal and Loss Prevention. As a Club we have a duty to respond to developments that effect or are likely to effect liabilities and no doubt environmental factors play a significant role within this.

A link to Nick’s presentation from the forum is available here:

This was also covered by Greek national television channel 'SKAI' which provided video footage of the speakers both on the Green4Sea website and also on youtube:

 It is also worth noting the advice the Club offers in order to assist our Members in avoiding loss through environmental risk. This includes guidance on Polar Shipping and the Resources page on the website which aims to collate all material in respect of international environmental compliance issues affecting our members.

Holly Lacey-Freeman

Marketing Executive