POEA Ebola Circular

Pursuant to POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 14, Series of 2014, dated 04 July 2014 on the imposition of a deployment ban on newly-hired workers for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and other countries contaminated with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), the following guidelines are hereby issued:

  1. As a precaution, all shipping principals/employers with ships operating on calling on ports of the above-affected countries shall provide seafarers with medical masks, gloves, goggles, as necessary, to limit the possibility of exposure or contamination with the EVD.
  2. Seafarers shall be disallowed from availing of any shore leave and crew change shall not be allowed in any of the ports of the above-affected countries.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Master and/or the designated ship medical officer to report any case involving crewmember/s who become symptomatic of EVD (those who have fever, headache, intense weakness, joint and muscle pains and sore throat) to their principal/employer who in turn are required to coordinate with appropriate international marine medical providers to seek their guidance on ways to manage EVD contamination on board. Every precaution should be exercised to ensure that spread of EVD is prevented.

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