Autumn Audit Schedule

During October UK P&I Club PEME team members and auditors commenced their Autumn audit schedule. The UK P&I Club approved PEME clinics in

Singapore, Thailand, Australia



were subject to an inspection in accordance with the Club's audit rota.

"The UK P & I Club PEME programme requires regular audit of the clinics providing service worldwide. The audits are undertaken to ensure that the service remains of good quality and continues to improve, thus giving value to the members by ensuring the continuing fitness of crew. The visits also provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the relationship between the UK P&I Club and their approved clinics. Post audit all clinics are provided with an audit summary including advice on any areas for possible improvement and commendation of quality practices. Thus the audit process becomes a mutually beneficial learning and developmental tool for all" says PEME Programme Director Sophia Bullard

The Club PEME auditor and Director also recently met with prospective healthcare providers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. Members with interest in Russian crew are invited to contact the PEME Team for further information.

For information on the medical services offered at any of the above locations, or for additional information on the PEME Programme, please contact the PEME team direct on

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