Chittahong Port Authority

Minutes of the meeting held on 20th October, 2014 at 3:00 pm. in Board Room of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) regarding prevention of Ebola Virus presided by Chairman, CPA; can be downloaded in the link below.

After a threadbare discussion the following decisions were taken in the meeting:

  1. If the Ebola Virus Preventive Team (EVPT) identify any crew of a vessel called at Chittagong Port infected by Ebola Virus or suspected the crew as well as the vessel will be kept in a quarantine area. The patient will then be treated as per direction of the Ebola Virus Prevention Team.
  2. The Ship's Captain will provide travel history of each crew for the last one month before arrival to Bangladesh through concerned Shipping Agent.
  3. Concerned Shipping Agents will ensure that no crew will enter the shore without Thermo Scanning.
  4. If any crew wants to come out from Port Protected Area he has to be scanned by Thermo Scanner or the crew will be issued shore pass after thorough checking by Port Health Officer. Port Authority will collect a Thermo Scanner or temperature measuring equipment immediately.
  5. All Officer & Staff of CPA should be aware of the effect and prevention of Ebola Virus. CPA Ebola Virus Prevention Team will ensure it. All Port Users will ensure that their employees are aware of this disease.The Health Workers of identifying Ebola Virus have to be wearing Protection Equipment for avoiding infection of Ebola Virus.



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